Does the red shoe club have any special programs or initiatives?

Our secret formula? Self-motivation and mutual mentoring. Raise awareness through networks and events. The Red Shoe Society organizes a series of events throughout the year designed to bring together professionals in order to expand their personal and professional networks and, at the same time, raise awareness about RMHC-UM. These events are held at unique and exciting locations in the Twin Cities and often include special drinks, ticket prizes, raffles, and even guest speakers.

Red Shoe Society, RMHC's group of young professionals, seeks to engage, empower and inspire young professionals to participate in philanthropic and leadership initiatives, while raising awareness about our organization, which supports Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Joining the Red Shoe Society is an exciting opportunity for young professionals to gain leadership experience and network while having fun and raising awareness about RMHC St. In addition to growing their professional network, our members get discounted registration for annual social events and fundraisers, professional development opportunities, and serve as an RMHC ambassador in the community. These badges are earned by people committed to promoting the mission of the Red Shoe Movement inside and outside their organizations for at least one year before receiving the badge.

By raising awareness about Ronald McDonald House Charities through networks and events, and by offering local professionals volunteer opportunities that have a direct impact on the organization, the Red Shoe Society intends to create a long-term support base for the charity and its initiatives. Created with its own methodology, the event includes a Q%26A session with high-level leaders, two rounds of various circles of mutual mentoring led by executives specially trained in the Red Shoe Movement method, an executive circle with senior leaders and many, many surprises. I can't say enough about the creativity, marketing experience, inclusion credentials and energy that the Red Shoe Movement team brought throughout the process, from ideation to execution. This is the badge for people who support and promote the initiatives and communication programs of the Red Shoe Movement on social networks.

The Red Shoe Society is made up of philanthropic-minded professionals who bring passion, energy and fresh ideas. The Red Shoe Society (RSS) is a group of professional members dedicated to promoting the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Iowa %26 Western Illinois (RMHC-EIWI). This is the badge that people who help launch a Red Shoe Movement project, initiative or campaign receive in recognition of their efforts to spread the word. The Red Shoe Movement's signature event is an experiential leadership conference where professionals working in Fortune 500 companies meet once a year to teach and learn from each other.

This is the highest badge for leaders and influential people who promote and support the Red Shoe Movement's communication programs and initiatives every chance they get.