What does having red shoes mean?

Red, white and blue may be known as the colors of the United States (and, of course, of the Netherlands, France and many more), but red alone represents resistance. Red shoes are a symbol of rebellious women. Here's why you need a pair. Spiritually, red shoes symbolize a prepared and determined heart.

This means that everyone who wears a red shoe is always ready to take the bull by the horns. And of course, it's about resources, since throughout much of history, the people most likely to wear red shoes were those who were rich. Whenever you find a pile of red shoes on your way (in a dream), this is a clear sign to STOP and BACK UP. That's why it's important to have an accurate understanding of how red shoes connect with spirituality.

In addition to this, red shoes are one of the common spiritual elements that are used as an omen and a message. If you dream of wearing a worn out shoe and your spouse gives you a red shoe as a gift, it means that you should focus on your relationship. That's the “historical perspective” and how I came to find red shoes as a personal symbol of the type of person I am and wanted to be. But now, when I looked down, I saw those red shoes and I knew that I could find the strength, the will, to look up.

Powell and Pressburger's 1948 film The Red Shoes reinvents the story with the headstrong ballet dancer Vicky Page (played by Moira Shearer) caught between art and love and also between two fussy and controlling men as they dance the lead role in an adaptation of the fairytale. Whether it's King Louis XIV of France in the 17th century posing in his red high-heeled shoes and declaring that only nobility could do the same, or the glimmer of a modern Louboutin sole that represents the wealth of the user (and his ability to walk in dizzying heels), red shoes are still a dominant option. Kate Bush's 1993 album, The Red Shoes, also pays homage to the dark frenzy at the heart of Andersen's fairytale, and its lyrics tell a similar story of a young woman who will be forced to “dance” until her legs fall off. So, take advantage of what you're about to read about the 9 spiritual meanings of red shoes.

Based on the story of a young woman named Karen who covets and later purchases a pair of bright red leather shoes to go to church, her thirst for something as simple as flashy shoes is apparently so monstrous that an angel condemns her to dance to death.